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Please welcome and congratulate our newest staff members rufuscat and paladin
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Updates for Jan 1st, 2015
Updates - Posted by lollypopchicka

Emil has taken over the running of the FX store found in chicka city.

Visit Emil

Updates for Nov 14th, 2014
Amulet Pieces - Posted by lollypopchicka

Amulet pieces have been added to the rare item event.

Whats that mean? More chances of winning rare amulet pieces while playing chickapets.

Collect them all and Jericho will cast a spell on your pet daily, maybe it will change color, species or even its name.

Visit Jericho

Changes - Posted by lollypopchicka

Chicka will be going through some small changes in order to streamline the site for the new server.

Any features and games that are unpopular and or server hogs are being removed.

heart Lolly

Updates for Oct 25th, 2014
Down Time - Posted by lollypopchicka

Chickapets is about to undergo some maintenance and may be down for a day or two over the next coming week.

cool Stay cool - Lolly

Updates for Mar 28th, 2014
Freak of nature - Posted by lollypopchicka

A huge storm just washed across Chicka Island and all of your pets were caught in the rain.


Luckily, they have all been completely cleaned :)

Updates for Oct 18th, 2013
Halloween Pets - Posted by lollypopchicka

Updates for Aug 18th, 2013
Pet Homes - Posted by lollypopchicka


Updates for Jul 29th, 2013
August Elite Balloon - Posted by lollypopchicka

 We dont usually spoil the suprise of what goodies you will receive in your monthly Elite balloon and this month is no exception haha got ya!!




We will however tell you that it is inspired by the newest member of the Royal Family and inside are some great little prince goodies.

Updates for Jul 26th, 2013
New Fruits - Posted by lollypopchicka

New Fruits have been seen around Chicka Island but no-one we ask will tell us where they got them.

Can you find one?


We suspect the Magical Fruit Tree may be involved

Updates for Jul 13th, 2013
New Species - Posted by lollypopchicka


Updates for Jun 30th, 2013
New Game - Posted by lollypopchicka


Updates for Jun 9th, 2013
New Toys - Posted by lollypopchicka

Updates for May 27th, 2013
Bakery Treats - Posted by lollypopchicka


Bruno has had a blast of inspiration.

Check out some of the new cakes he has created in the Bakery.

Oh yeah, hes also supplying ingredients for those who like to DIY.



Updates for Mar 28th, 2013
Easter 2013 - Posted by lollypopchicka

Updates for Mar 8th, 2013
Avatars - Posted by lollypopchicka

So many lovely new avatars have been added and a few revamped.

Can you find them all?



Updates for Feb 16th, 2013
Bobinal - Posted by lollypopchicka


Updates for Feb 9th, 2013
New Valentines Pet - Posted by lollypopchicka


Chicka Trivia - Posted by lollypopchicka


Updates for Feb 1st, 2013
Valentines Day - Posted by lollypopchicka


Updates for Jan 26th, 2013
Book List - Posted by lollypopchicka

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