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Note: Throughout this tutorial you will be able to follow links, all links will open in a new window or tab so you dont have to worry about losing the tutorial page

You wake up hot, hungry and thirsty, the warm sun shining down on your body.

"Where am I?" you mutter to yourself.

You sit up and take in your surroundings. You appear to be on a beautiful deserted island but wait, what's that in the distance?

You squint your eyes and bring your hand up to your forehead shading the sun as you peer through the shadowy trees. There's something moving and it doesn't look human!!

You're so caught up in watching the shadowy being through the trees you don't even notice the gruff looking fisherman behind you.

"Ahem, I sees we av another one of yer washed up me shore then"

Startled you turn around and look up into an old craggily face with kind blue eyes.

"Who hoo are you?" you stammer.

"Why I be de Captain and who might you be?" gruffed the kindly old man.

Still a bit dazed and confused it takes you a few seconds to gather your thoughts but you manage to squeek out a response.

"Why my name is Not logged in. where am I?" you ask.

"Ye be on Chicka Island, best home a man kin have, but ye be looking a bit cold there in ye skivvies and I bet yer a wee bit hungry and thirsty too aye".

You nod your head yes and wrap your arms around yourself as you realise you are only in your underwear.

OMG how embarrassing!!

"Ye best come with me" says the Captain pointing in the direction of a light house, you guess you better follow him and learn more about where you are.